Things You Should Know Before Your First Scuba Dive

If you have no experience in scuba diving, read this post before you get in the water. There are scuba courses and those courses focus on baby steps. On your first scuba dive, your expectations should be realistic. You should first try to dive in a pool or shallow bay. Your instructor will tell you how the dive gear works.

Try to get familiar will all the dive gear and learn the basic techniques so that you can dive safely. First of all, learn how to use a scuba regulator and how to breathe through it. At first it may feel a bit weird. However, breathing itself will not be difficult. You will feel like breathing in the open air. Do not worry if it feels a little bit weird. The basic skills include using hand signals to communicate and equalising your ears.

Your instructor will ask you to put on your dive masks. Keep practicing until you get comfortable breathing through the regulator. You need to lower your face and exhale through the regulator. This trick will help you become comfortable breathing underwater. If you are wanting to do this while on a charter boat or private yacht charter, then you can find a company like Aroona Luxury Boat Charters to organise this for you.

After each breath, you have to exhale fully. This is important, because it will prevent hyperventilating, and you will not feel starved for air. You may get comfortable after a few breaths or you may take a bit longer. It varies from person to person. In Cairns and Port Douglas, there are some amazing scuba diving services and they are very helpful when it comes to providing scuba diving training.

Before you descend into the water, take your time until you are comfortable. You might have heard that underwater world is silent and relaxing. It is not true, breathing creates some noise. The sounds are loud in the beginning, but gradually you will get accustomed to the whoosh sound when you inhale and the bubbling sound when you exhale. You will experience that sound waves are quicker in water. You will find it hard to figure out where the sounds are coming from. At first you will find it a bit confusing, but gradually you will get accustomed to it too.

Now we will focus on underwater vision. Your field of vision may seem limited, and it can be a bit disconcerting. However, you will quickly acclimatise to it. After some time, the blind spots will no longer cause any problem.

Underwater light transmission is a bit different. Objects appear a bit closer than they really are. The surface, the floor, your dive buddy and your instructor will seem closer however, it has some advantages. You will find it easier to read the gauges. After a few dives, it will also seem normal because you will get used to the magnification. If you are scuba diving in Australia near Carins or the Great Barrier Reef then this will help you take in all of the beautiful sights, you can find out what to expect from scuba diving in Carins by visiting this web page.

We also need to discuss weightlessness in underwater world. Weightlessness is one of the most notable aspects of scuba diving. You can fly left and right, up and down! This is an amazing feeling, and so many people are attracted to scuba diving mainly for this feeling. At first you may feel the urge to stay in position, but you should just relax and feel the weightlessness.

Your movements will be to some extent restricted due to the density of water because water is denser than air. You will feel some resistance if you try to move quickly. Don’t do it lest you should end up exhausting yourself. You should move your arms slowly and swim slowly. There is no need to rush.

When you are in the underwater environment, you are completely in a new world. But do not worry if you forget instructions such as hand signals. Your brain will take some time to adjust to underwater breathing and weightlessness. Your brain will try hard to process all these things, and you may forget the instructions that you learnt on the surface. Do not feel bad if your instructor calls you to the surface to remind something. Be patient and learn to stay in this delightful world.

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